Each piece of jewellery is designed and crafted with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that it will last a lifetime and become a treasure to treasure.


At Thelonious, life, art, music and literature are the inspiration for our work.

We create unique jewellery by collecting precious stones from all over the world and shaping them into unique pieces.

For 20 years we have designed jewelry with creativity and passion transforming precious materials into pieces of art.

With meticulous care we connect our aesthetic tradition with avant-garde techniques, using precious stones combined with gold, silver and bronze to bring emotions to life

Since 20 years in jewellery design, THELONIOUS , born in the heart of Milan, travelled the world in search of the most rare coloured stones to create unique pieces. Manufacturing all the metals, from gold to bronze …. remaining faithful to the Italian goldsmith tradition with a stylistic innovations and reflecting exceptional style and quality

All collections are always small, with unconventional stone cuts, many of our creations are inspired by Art Deco